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How can I fine tune my anti spam?

  1. Log into your hosting control panel (www.wowiwa.net:2083) with your username and password (or click Home, if you're already logged in).
  2. In the 'Mail' section, click 'Spam Assassin' . (SpamAssassin is the anti-spam tool we use.)
  3. Here you can enable or disable SpamAssassin. We recommend that you have it enabled. If it isn't already, then click 'Enable SpamAssassin'
  4. By changing the score under the title 'Filters' you can configure how strict SpamAssassin is when looking for spam emails. The default is 5, and this is also the score that we use and recommend. The lower the score, the more aggressive SpamAssassin will be about designating incoming email as spam; it means that less spam gets through, but at the risk of occasionally deleting genuine emails that happen to look 'spam-like'. The higher the score, the more cautious – you'll receive more spam but have less risk of losing a genuine email.

Note: SpamAssassin will automatically delete spam emails it finds. The alternative is to click on 'Disable Auto-Delete Spam'. SpamAssassin will still designate some incoming email as spam, but it will mark it as spam instead of deleted it, allowing you to download it and make a judgement yourself. (It inserts "**** SPAM *****" into the subject line.) We don't recommend this if your email address is listed on any website, as you are likely to be downloading a lot of spam!

Still having trouble?

You should have been given the link to access your cPanel account via email. The email should also contain the login information. If you can't find the details, or are still having trouble then please contact us.

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