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How do I create a password protected folder on my server (e.g. members-only area)?

  1. Log into your hosting control panel (www.wowiwa.net:2083) with your username and password (or click Home, if you're already logged in).
  2. In the 'Security' section, click 'Password Protect Directories'.
  3. Depending on whether you've accessed this feature previously, you may get a popup. Select the first option (Web root) and leave the other boxes unticked; then click 'Go'.
  4. You will see a list of folders. Beware: clicking a folder icon is not the same as clicking the folder name!
    To go into a folder (e.g. to password-protect a subfolder), click its folder icon.
    To add password protection to a folder, click its folder name.
    It's not good design, we know! But it's outside our control.
  5. Tick 'Password protect this directory'
  6. You can optionally it a name (e.g. "Members area"). If left blank it will automatically name it "Restricted Area"
  7. Click 'Save' – You must do this to add security to the folder.
  8. You will now need to create a name of at least one user who can access the page. e.g. Admin
  9. Give the user a password then click 'Add/modify authorised user'. You can repeat these last 2 steps to add other users if required.

Still having trouble?

You should have been given the link to access your cPanel account via email. The email should also contain the login information. If you can't find the details, or are still having trouble then please contact us.

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