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How do I access the files on my server (FTP)?

There are two ways of getting access to your webspace:

Using an FTP program (e.g. Filezilla)

See the 'Hosting ACTIVE' email that we sent you when your account was created. This contains your FTP access codes.

Through a virtual network drive

  1. Log into your hosting control panel (www.wowiwa.net:2083) with your username and password (or click Home, if you're already logged in).
  2. In the 'Files' section, click 'File Manager'. This will open a popup.
  3. Choose the option that best suits your current needs and click 'Go'. This will open in a new window or tab.
  4. This is built-in file manager program. Here you can upload, download, delete and move around files. This is useful for backing up any web content.


  • Unless you are a web developer or a reseller, you shouldn't need to access your webspace directly.
  • Deleting or altering files can delete or break your website.
  • Storing files may make them accessible to the public over the web. Using this as a place to store documents is not recommended (unless it's been set up especially for this purpose).
  • Any files removed from here can not be recovered unless a local copy has been saved.

Still having trouble?

You should have been given the link to access your cPanel account via email. The email should also contain the login information. If you can't find the details, or are still having trouble then please contact us.

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